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Cartoons in Games

Cartoons have a long tradition in the Sunday papers. Anything from political cartoons to Calvin and Hobbs, cartoons have come a long way and are now part of our culture. The advancement of comics from the funny papers to comic books wasn’t much of a leap. However, comic book cartoons are still a viable medium while newspapers slowly die off.

One very popular comic book company, Marvel, has taken their Marvel comic books and turned them into Marvel Cartoons. They can be viewed on television, purchased as DVD or Blu-Rays and now Marvel Cartoons are used in Gaming. From the Xbox to Marvel Slots games in online casinos, the Marvel brand has taken cartoons to an entirely new level.

Spider Man Free Slot Game

Other popular gaming cartoons that have come from Marvel are Spiderman slots, The Incredible Hulk Slots game and even Thor has made an appearance once or twice, you can try these slots free here. These games are very popular with adults that grew up with the cartoons and comics of the Marvel brand and now include them in their lifestyle as memorabilia and nostalgia.

Marvel cartoons and other cartoons used in gaming first found their popularity in the digital realm as videos. Marvel videos have grossed over 14 billion dollars as a reserved estimate. These cartoon gaming videos include such popular characters as Wolverine, Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk. Now these videos have been turned into fantastic movies that feature heroes like Iron Man in the classic original and the even more exciting Iron Man II. While the first Incredible Hulk movie was a complete flop, the redux of that video has made up for the damage that the first one caused.
If you want to check out any of the Marvel Cartoons or Marvel games,, take a look at your favorite online retailer or stop by any of the online casinos that feature Marvel branded games.